Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between SIKOPED soles and other deodorant soles?

The conventional deodorant soles that contain activated charcoal merely absorb the excess perspiration produced. They do not treat the cause of perspiration nor get at the source of the problem, and thus do not offer a long-term result.

By contrast, SIKOPED soles are the only ones that act on the source of excessive perspiration. The active ingredients of the SIKOPED soles are transformed into a gas by the temperature of the feet, penetrate into the skin to reach the sweat glands, where they reduce the degree of perspiration. This mechanism offers a long-term solution to excessive perspiration.

How long do you have to wear the soles?

Wear the SIKOPED soles in your shoes, with the green side against the sock, for several days depending on the degree of perspiration.
As soon as the foot is comfortably dry, remove the soles, put them back in their package and store them in a cool place to prevent the product from evaporating. Perspiration isn´t eliminated, but reduced to a normal level for a period of 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the individual case. As soon as the perspiration becomes excessive again, wear the soles for another few days.

How to store the SIKOPED soles?

The SIKOPED soles are transported from the factory to the pharmacies in hermetically-sealed packages in order to preserve their integrity. Once you have used them, put them back in the package and store them in a cool and dry place to prevent the ingredients contained in the soles from evaporating.

Do SIKOPED soles cause any allergies?

SIKOPED soles are produced with well-tolerated components (cellulose, natural latex) and not a single case of allergy has been reported since 1980, the first year they were marketed. The effectiveness and safety of SIKOPED soles were studied at the University of Bologna prior to their importation into Italy, with the following results:

  • "The studies demonstrated that SIKOPED soles do not affect the normal functioning of the skin and cause NO undesirable reaction"
  • "Moreover, the studies demonstrated that the active ingredients of the SIKOPED soles can reach and adjust the functioning of the sweat glands."

What happens if I wear the soles too long?

If you wear the SIKOPED soles longer than necessary, it might cause a hardening of the skin of the feet.
This isn´t dangerous, but it might become uncomfortable.



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