Do your feet sweat?

It´s embarrassing…for you, perhaps for your spouse…
for your friends and all your relations.

SIKOPED attacks the CAUSE of excessive perspiration.

The problem of foot perspiration and its consequences

At present, the precise causes of excessive perspiration are still unknown.
However, the degree of foot perspiration depends on a combination of several factors:

  • Your hormones
  • The climate
  • Your mood
  • What you eat
  • Your medications or diseases
  • Anxiety and stress

Ironically and sadly, fear of excess perspiration is one of the very factors that can aggravate this situation.

There are more sweat glands in the feet than anywhere else in the human body, which explains why you will have a tendency to notice foot perspiration, given that the sweat trapped in your shoes becomes a perfect refuge for bacteria.

Symptoms of foot perspiration include excessive odour, foot skin that turns very white, itching, mycoses and the feet slipping within the shoes.

The consequences - often unpleasant - are multiple:
Bad odours, infections of the feet and nails (mycoses, etc.) and risks of contact eczema, as well as poor blood circulation. Walking discomfort can be experienced due to the feet sliding around in your shoes. But excessive perspiration can also have very real psychological effects that impair everyday life. The persons affected often feel unhappy, and sometimes avoid being seen by other people. And the very anxiety provoked by the sweating further intensifies sweat production.



How does SIKOPED offer a practical and easy solution?

SIKOPED soles are unique and exclusive. They combat the cause behind excessive foot perspiration, and thus resolve 80% of the problems relating to bad odours, itching, mycoses, etc.

SIKOPED soles are composed of 2 layers: the upper layer in cellulose containing the registered SIKOPED formula, and the lower layer consisting of the natural and anti-slip TEXON latex which absorb impacts.

The mineral components of the SIKOPED formula are activated at a temperature between 35 and 37 °C, i.e. the temperature of the human body. They evaporate and penetrate into the skin down to the sweat glands, where they act as effective perspiration regulators.


The treatment consists of wearing the SIKOPED soles for 3-4 days, depending on the individual, after which your feet will remain dry up to 3 or 4 weeks. Freed from perspiration´s acidity, your feet’s elasticity and healthiness will be restored.

The process applied to the SIKOPED sole was invented by a German chemist on the eve of World War II. It was only decades later that the formula, long left unexploited, was taken up again by a Belgian chemist in order to create the SIKOPED sole.

The SIKOPED sole is so effective that certain industries characterised by hot working environments (notably those of tyre manufacturing and steelmaking) have already adopted it for the greater comfort of their workers.

For the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency, the University of Bologna performed a study of the chemical process applied by the soles and recognised its effective action and lack of toxicity.

Guaranteed 100% results



How to use SIKOPED?

SIKOPED does not have to be worn all the time. The precise duration will vary from person to person, and depends on the quantity of perspiration.



Wear the SIKOPED soles in your shoes, the green side against the sock, for several days depending on the degree of perspiration. As soon as the foot is comfortably dry, remove the soles, put them back in their package and store them in a cool place to prevent the product from evaporating.

Perspiration isn´t eliminated, but reduced to a normal level for a period of 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the individual case. As soon as the perspiration becomes excessive again, wear the soles for another few days.

Attention :

Do not wear the SIKOPED soles for longer than necessary. That could cause a hardening of the skin of the feet. This isn´t dangerous, but it might become uncomfortable.
Some people might have dead skin that will peel off because it was damaged by the acidity of the sweat. This will then give way to new skin that is healthier and stronger.



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